Chapter One – The Tree

The Forest hides a tiny tree
Which other trees know some day will be
Our only hope to stop accursed
Prophecy foretold

For when the planets do align
That old grandmaster father time
Would bring our ends to make amends
For wrongdoing of old

The ancient ones know of this tree
But know not they where it would be
For if they did four men would ride
To raise it to the ground

They searched for seven thousand years
Prophetic ending drawing near
In every corner of this earth
But our tree remained unfound

Chapter Two – The Unborn

In her non existent state
Our heroine waits for twist of fate
Her parents yet to meet and still
Their timelines yet to cross

She glides through space and time with ease
Through rivers, clouds, earth and trees
Over mountains, under seas
And dew drops on the moss

Then in one February storm
Three months earlier than the norm
The time was right, she could not wait
She had to meet the light

Followed six months of hope and fear
With many a worry and many a tear
This little girl made it quite clear
That she was here to fight

Chapter Three – The Smile

I’d walk many a thousand miles
To see one of my daughter’s smiles
And in the day when I’m away
It’s hard to be apart

I think about her button nose
And each of her perfect little toes
And now I know she’s here to stay
It warms my weary heart

She would have fit inside my shoe
But even then deep down I knew
That little mite had all the fight
To make it through the fire

And now it’s clear this much is true
That after all she has been through
When mountains seem a dizzy height
You have to just aim higher

Chapter Four – The News

Twenty seven years gone by
As if in the blink of an eye
Scattered on the ground there lays
A newspaper discolored

And in a corner of the print
Stuck to a Fox’s glacier mint
A faded title reads quite clear
“World’s oldest tree discovered”

Our heroine lays beneath a tree
An ancient pine, old, wise, and free
She looks up through the branches
To the starry, starry skies

Meanwhile four horsemen ride the night
Dark riders armed and ready to fight
They fly with haste to find a tree
And give it it’s demise

© 2016 A Theme